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Isaiah 49:1-52:12

Jul 26, 2023    Jason Deuman

Isaiah 49:1-52:12 - This section of Isaiah focuses on the LORD's Servant who will come to restore God’s people. Where Zion felt forgotten, the LORD promises to remember. Where they have been devastated, the LORD promises to restore them. 

Recorded 07/26/2023

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Chapter Breakdown 

Outiine from:

Smith, Gary. 2009. Isaiah 40-66. Vol. 15B. The New American Commentary. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

God’s Servant Will Bring Salvation to Israel and the Nations (49:1–13)

(1)The Servant’s Preparation and Responsibilities (49:1–6)

(2)The Despised Servant’s Role and Results (49:7–12)

(3)Hymn of Praise (49:13)

God Has Not Forsaken Zion (49:14–52:12)

(1)Repopulation of Zion Will Prove God Has Not Forgotten (49:14–50:3)

God Has Not Forgotten Zion (49:14–21)

God Will Gather His Children, Save Them from Plunderers (49:22–26)

God Will Ransom, Not Give Up on His People (50:1–3)

(2)Follow the Example of God’s Servant (50:4–11)

(3)God’s Past Salvation Encourages Faith for the Future (51:1–8)

(4)God’s Cup of Wrath Is Ended; Restoration Is Coming (51:9–52:12)

God’s Past Deeds Assure Future Intervention (51:9–16)

The Fury of God’s Wrath Is Over (51:17–23)

Rejoice for God’s Salvation Is Here (52:1–12)


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