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Isaiah 53:13-55:13

Aug 20, 2023    Jason Deuman

Isaiah 52:13-55:13

These chapters are filled with hope as the LORD reveals more of his plans for salvation. We learn about the Suffering Servant, this messianic figure that will bear the punishment for the sins of humanity. We are giving a picture of an expansive vision of redemption and restoration for the people of Israel and the nations. The LORD also calls out to humanity to seek the LORD while he may be found. This section of Isaiah is so encouraging and powerful. 

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Chapter Breakdown 

Exaltation and Joy Comes When Sin Is Taken Away (52:13–55:13)

(1)The Exaltation of the Servant Who Takes Away Sin (52:13–53:12)

Exaltation of the Servant (52:13–15)

Report of the Servant’s Suffering (53:1–9)

Final Exaltation of the Servant (53:10–12)

(2)God’s Compassion Brings Children and a Covenant of Peace (54:1–17)

Call for the Wife to Respond to God’s Love (54:1–10)

The Glorious Situation in Zion (54:11–17)

(3)God’s Grace and Covenant Bring Joy to the Repentant Sinners (55:1–13)

Invitation to Participate in God’s Provisions and Covenant (55:1–5)

Invitation to Repent and See God’s Word Fulfilled (55:6–13)


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