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Isaiah 63:7-66:24

Sep 13, 2023    Jason Deuman


Isaiah 63:7-66:24

These are the concluding chapters of Isaiah. Many of the themes from earlier in Isaiah are referred to here. We get a wonderful picture of the New Heavens and the New Earth, and God’s vision of a restored Jerusalem and the nations coming to worship the Lord. We are also told about God’s final judgment for idolaters. 

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Recorded Date: 09/13/2023

0:00 -  Intro 

Lament and Response: the Destiny of Servants and Rebels (63.7–66.24)

A. Lament over God’s Dealings with Israel 63.7-64.12

02:55 - 1. A History of Compassion and Failure 63.7-14

12:32 - 2. Request for Divine Intervention and Confession 63.15-64.12

B. God’s Answers: Some receive wrath, Other’s Salvation - 65.1-66.14

26:35 - 1. Wrath if you ignore God and use pagan ritual 65.1-7

35:08 - 2. Contrasting Destinies 65.8-16

40:51 - 3. Creation of a new world of joy and abundance 65.17-25

48:24 - 4. God honors the humble, judges those who go their own way 66.1-4

52:02 - 5. God will give Zion children and joy 66.5-14

C. Gathering of all people to worship God 66.15-24

56:17- 1. God comes in first to Judge 66.15-17

57:56 - 2. God’s glory will attract all nations 66.18-24


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