Helping people discover, trust, and love Jesus Christ.

Greeting from Pastor Jason and Kathy

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about Creekside Church. We are a group of people on a journey together, following Jesus and becoming more like Him.  We are not perfect, in fact we are all sinners who have experienced a savior. His name is Jesus and He’s changed our lives forever.

As a church we want to share what we’ve experienced and learned. We do that in three ways; worshipping together, gathering in groups to share our lives together and serving others in need.

Creekside is a mission-driven church and we exist to “help people discover, trust and love Jesus Christ”. People “discover” by asking questions, so we invite your questions, what ever they are. We learn to “trust” by making decisions that will move us forward in our spiritual journey with Christ. And we experience “love” in the context of relationships, with God and one another. This is the essence of Creekside Church.

We believe God has called us to give our lives away for Him, as we serve Jesus by serving others. We welcome you to join us on our journey. Regardless of your starting point, you won’t be alone at Creekside Church.


Pastor Jason and Kathy Deuman